About Reading Baptist Day School

Statement of Purpose

The Day School was established by the First Baptist Church of Reading to provide a quality preschool experience for the children in the community. The Day School provides a developmentally appropriate curriculum within a warm and friendly atmosphere designed to foster growth in all areas of development. The school is open to all children without bias who are 2.9 to 6 years old. We accept applications for any child with a disability and shall determine whether to accept or serve a child with a disability pursuant to 102 CMR 7.10 (2).


The Day School is a play based preschool with a balance of academics. We believe that each child is a unique individual and that all children can learn. Our preschool program provides a learning experience that recognizes each child’s varied abilities, interests, needs, and learning styles. Teachers prepare an environment which facilitates the development of each child to their fullest potential .We believe children learn best through meaningful play. Meaningful play encourages curiosity, discovery and problem solving which allows individual growth and development of a positive self-image. Emphasis is placed on providing a warm and nurturing environment, giving the emotional support and encouragement that all individuals need to learn and grow.